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Procedure For Out Of Hours Repairs

Only emergency repairs* will be dealt with when we are closed – please refer to the below emergency repair guidance for further information.

*Un-necessary call outs will have a FEE affixed.


On receipt of your email, the out of hours on call handler will assess the email message within a few hours and come back to you if this is covered under the emergency repairs.

Any supporting pictures would be helpful to assess the repair for you.

  1. Address of the property
  2. Your full details, including phone number and name
  3. Precise description and location of problem

Please remember only genuine emergencies will be dealt with out-of-hours.

All non emergency repairs will be addressed when the office re opens
Please locate your mains water stop tap so you are able to find this in an emergency situation for any major leak.

Emergency Repairs Guidance

What is an emergency repair?

An emergency repair is any fault which threatens further harm to persons or property. When an emergency repair is reported we aim to have a contractor at your property within 24 hours. To ensure the best use of our resources we have defined the emergency jobs that will attract the 24 hour priority.

Emergencies are as follows:

• Where you or your home is at risk due to a major water leak from any part of the heating system.
• Where, due to failure of the heating system, either children under the age of 6 months, the elderly, the disabled or the sick are in a situation without heating (between the months of October to April inclusive).

We recommend that you purchase at least one portable fan heater for emergency situations.
Please note: Having no hot water is NOT considered an emergency.
THE ONLY EXCEPTION to this would be for household members who are frail, elderly or registered disabled.
If you smell gas, please telephone Transco (British Gas) on 0800 111999 who will attend to isolate the meter and make safe where necessary. If this results in a lack of heating, it will be dealt with as above (see 'Heating and hot water'). You will need to give us this information when you phone.
We will attend to this as an emergency when there is a loss of power to sockets throughout your home -please check with the supplier before contacting us. Power loss to lighting circuits will be attended to only when there is a hazard to health, such as light to communal hallway. National Grid 0800 195 4141 will cover any loss of power to the area.
Before contacting us, please check with the water utility company to ensure that works are not being carried out in the area. Unites Utilities 0345 672 3723
Where a leak is minor and can be contained, no attendance will be made as an emergency. If the leak is causing damage, then it will be considered an emergency - especially if penetrating into an electrical fitting. In the interim you should turn off your water supply at your stopcock or gate valve.
This will be attended to only when the damage to the roof is likely to worsen or when it is hazardous (e.g. roof tiles may fall on to a public highway). Usually, we will only make the roof safe and arrange a repair for a later date.
Please note in bad weather conditions of high rain and winds our roofers are unable attend by ladder due to health and safety.
We will deal with this as an emergency only if water is entering the building causing major damage or the loose part is dangerous and cannot be made safe by the resident.
You should always have the use of one toilet. If blocked, we will clear the blockage. Please note that, if the blockage is due to your actions, you will be charged for the repair.
Where the damage is caused as a result of a crime. In this case, notify the local police who will supply you with a crime number, which we will need for our records.
Manchester Glass 01612920673 will attend to make safe and secure at the emergency visit and make a further appointment to re-glaze and repair.
We will not attend lockouts if this is due to tenant neglect , such as losing a key or locking it in the property. You should contact a local locksmith. Assistance may be offered to elderly and infirm residents, but you should be aware that the works will be chargeable (unless you are in sheltered accommodation).

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We ask all repairs to be placed in writing to or by filling the form below

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If you are still unsure if you have an emergency, please refer to the 'Emergency Repairs Guidance' section. Take me there